How it Works

You Have Options

We work with schools of all sizes, big and small. We know every school has a different budget and different channels to work through, and we are here to help! We have two different options to bring The Whoa Show to your school: Pay-Up-Front or Pay-It-Forward.



This option is for schools that have a budget to bring in a school assembly. Many schools plan to bring in a positive, motivational, and educational program. You can bring in The Whoa Show for a reasonable price. We are offering one assembly for $750 plus travel expenses. For schools with larger enrollment, we can add an additional Whoa Show for just $350 more.

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This option allows for any school of any size to afford The Whoa Show.  How does it work?

The Whoa Show’s Creativity Kits are the center of our Pay-It-Forward option. We offer kits that feature magic, balloon twisting, juggling and more. Our kits are fun and engaging, and also encourage creativity, determination, and artistic abilities. 

Under the Pay-It-Foward payment plan, you pay no money up front. The Whoa Show performs at your school, without a fee. 

Instead of up front payment, you allow us to sell Creativity Kits to your students. The sales from your school will go towards the NEXT school’s Whoa Show experience. This means that the Pay-It-Forward schools we’ve performed at before yours have already funded YOUR school assembly. What a great way to cultivate kindness and generosity in both your students, and the students from the schools before you! We all help take care of each other!



When you choose the Pay-Up-Front option, you have the choice of also participating in the Pay-It-Forward program. This allows your students to buy Creativity Kits, and in turn share the Whoa Show experience with a school that may not have the funding needed to bring us to their school. Students helping students! What could be better?

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